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  • How Stainless Welded Steel Pipe Is MadeDatum26.02.2014 08:20
    Thema von xinlinpipe im Forum Offizielle 2-Taktpower...

    Continuous production
    There are two manufacturing pipe production technique. They can be made with or go papidly from big coil to welding. This is steady manufacturing. Or they can generate the big sizing at a time which is recognised as mass Manufacturing.

    Mass Manufacturing
    We batch-produced tube up to 80 inches in diameter.

    Mass manufacturing of the plate to tube mill tube is decreased to the duration and width of the appropriate sizing manufacturing. Firstly, the borders of the plate are to supply the appropriate geometry of the development of weld. And then transfer to the welder shell. We has various welding equipment, and each is created to carry out several Kinds of welding in the Inside or exterior diameter in accordance with the traditional standards.

    The Internal bead rolling
    In the steady manufacturing, every welding functions so that subsequent heat remedy generates grain refinement of weld framework.

    The inside framework of welded metal anneals recrystallized stainless metal. In constant manufacturing, pipe annealing is taken by fluid quenching. In mass manufacturing, our corporation anneals in a separate tube period

    Continuous tube unique gear reduces into the needed period, the period of the show, and then the journey to reduce away the needed period devoid of interruption of its smooth Motion.

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    Spiral welded pipe manufacturing techniques:
    (1) raw materials: strip volumes, welding wire, flux.
    (2) steel strip and tail docking,
    (3) before molding, strips should be processing with leveling, cutting edge, surface cleaning and flanging
    (4) control the conveyor pressure cylinders under pressure on both sides with electric contact pressure gauge to ensure smooth transportation of steel strip.
    (5) use external or internal roll-style forming method.
    (6) Ensure the welding seam for the requirements of welding by using seam leakage control device, thus the black steel pipe diameter; alignment tolerance and weld gap were strictly controlled.
    (7) Internal and external are both using the United States Lincoln Electric welding machine for single-or double-wire submerged arc welding, so as to secure a stable specification.
    (8) Finished welding have undergone continuous online ultrasonic instrument checks automatically wound, ensuring 100% spiral coverage of non-destructive testing of welds. If there are defects, automatic alarm and sprayed the tag, according to this, production workers adjust the process parameters and elimination of deficiencies in a timely manner.
    (9) cut the pipe with air plasma cutting machine.
    (10) after cutting into single root pipe, each batch pipe should be strictly examined initially. Check the weld of mechanical performance, chemical ingredients, mix situation, pipe surface quality and official inputs production comes after loss-less flaw test which ensure system tube technology qualified.
    (11) manually ultrasonic and x ray review the weld parts where there is continuous sonic flaw mark, if so, fix it and retest until you have confirmed defects has elimination.
    (12) every pipe should have hydrostatic test pressure radial seals. Test pressure and time are controlled by microcomputer detection device of API steel pipe water pressure tight. Test parameters to automatically print records.

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    Carbon steel pipe is famous for its excellent performance in resisting to corrosion. This type is durable while applying in heavy industries for its robustness. Customized carbon steel pipes are available and welding process is essential during the creation. The alloy steel pipe is designed with straight structure without turns. Due to its temperature resistance ability, it could be used to convey cooling or heating substances. At the same time, the significant strength makes the alloy pipes could withstand extreme pressure.

    Compared with carbon pipe, the seamless stell pipes do not contain any welding points. They are made from single block of steel which could insure their leakproofness. Thereby, they could be used to convey both liquid and gases. A lot of oil or gas companies choose to use these pipes to transfer their products. They are much stronger and more durable as compared with other types of pipes. Thus, they would ensure the safety while endure drastic vibration or heavy pressure. Especially while conveying the flammable oils and gases, the durability is utmost important.

    In summary, the use of black steel pipe is different. The grades and qualifications of the pipes decide the application. Generally, carbon steel pipes are used in the environment where anti-rust and anti-corrosive ability is required. When it is necessary to endure high pressure, the alloy steel pipe or seamless steel pipe could be chosen. Apart from the grades of the pipes, you need to determine the qualifications of the manufacturers. If you are seeking for the qualified manufacturers, please visit:

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    There are various kinds of steel pipes both in domestic and international markets for your selection. For example, the API steel pipe is one of the popular steel pipes actually. You are advised to choose the API steel pipe from a reliable supplier. They are widely used to transport gas, oil or water. The API pipe can be classified into seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe, submerged arc welded pipe and so forth.

    The API is short for American Petroleum Institute actually. The API pipe is very popular among oil and gas exporters across the world for their reliability. There are also various kinds of API pipes which are designed to satisfy different kinds of requirements in diverse areas.

    The API pipe is different per size, length, thickness and so forth. They are created to satisfy different petroleum industry requirements, like production, refinement, distribution and so forth. It is the ideal choice for use in gas lines actually. Such kind of pipe is very popular among gas and oil exporters for their reliability. You are advised to choose the black steel pipe from a reliable supplier. The pipe should be provided with high quality, robustness and mechanical toughness actually. And API pipe should be strong enough to withstand all kinds of harsh weather and the temperature conditions in the petroleum industry for production, distribution and so forth.

    Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, and with the development of communication, it is not difficult for you to find a reliable API steel pipe supplier. You can choose it from physical suppliers and online suppliers actually. There are various kinds of steel pipes every nook and corner of the world. And most of the suppliers or manufacturers provide added services like cutting, beveling, threading, sand blasting, coating, testing and so forth.

    Frankly speaking, Shanghai Xin Lin is one of the leading manufacturers of API steel pipe. You are advised to choose the welded steel pipe from a reliable supplier. We have great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad for high quality and competitive price. We also provide the welded steel pipe and black steel pipe.
    Shanghai Xin Lin Co., Ltd.
    Tel: +86-021-61395200
    Mobile No: +86-13611965409
    Fax: +86-021-51561726
    Address: Room 513,No.1, Lane 1029,Kong Jiang Road,Shanghai, China

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