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LoL each of the more than 130 heroes has unique features Antworten

League of Legends does not have a campaign or single player mode, so there is nothing left to do but pass the tutorial and, after the first matches against the AI, get off the digital arena to confront other players. Before each match you will obviously have to choose LoL Boosting. Each of the more than 130 heroes has unique features, movesets and abilities that they need to learn in order to give their best in the arena. All champions start the match at level 1 and can level up to the maximum cap set to 18. Each step of level also corresponds to an increase in health and power of abilities.

All fighters are equipped with a basic attack which can be melee or ranged, depending on the weapon supplied, a passive trait and four unique abilities. The passive trait requires no action on the part of the player and is only one distinctive feature that connotes the Champion used The four active abilities, instead, are usually divided into three normal and a powerful Ultimate. All can be upgraded as you go up a level. For example, the powerful Ultimate attack has three upgrade levels that are unlocked when the Champion reaches levels 6, 11 and 16 during the match.

The matches, we have already mentioned, take place mainly in the Land of Summoners; game environment designed specifically for 5vs5 fights. The Landa is structured in two mirror parts; the nuclei of the two teams insist. We all know that the goal is to open a gap to the opposing base to destroy its core. LoL Jungling is a risky activity and is usually taken in by experienced players, as junglers must survive on their own, without the intervention of allies or the providential arrival of minion. In essence, the Jungling employee moves between the lines and has full decision-making autonomy on the strategy to adopt to obtain a tactical advantage. It can, for example, gank opposing laners by ambushing and rapidly disappearing; kill the neutral monsters that lurk in the jungle to farm money and experience.

Elo Boost each player, therefore, finds himself playing a very specific role and must act in synergy with all the members of the team, avoiding jumping from one side to the other of the map and, above all, chasing enemies with little health anticipating the possible kill. Usually this stubborn behavior that leads players to ignore everything else to go after, leads to their rapid death. In short, it is better to survive the battle to win the war than to make an inglorious end to an extra kill.

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