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19.04.2019 04:20
One morning in the Antworten

One morning in the spring of March, Sunday. Because I saw a friend��s first show of the fascinating lights on the Ming Lake Scenic Spot in a circle of friends a few days ago, I also wanted to take a break from Sunday to visit a local event. When I got up in the morning and had breakfast, I drove my little donkey and went to the Minghu scenic spot. Because the address was not far from the scenic spot, I arrived at the entrance of the scenic spot in ten minutes. The weather is slightly cloudy, in the early spring, it was warm and cold yesterday, and the spring breeze blew, feeling a bit chilly, so the scenic people did not have as much as I thought. I saw a middle-aged man from a field, on the Jiuqu Bridge in Minghu, during the walking process, using a mobile phone to capture the beautiful scenery found on the lake, and an old couple, only sitting in a pavilion on the east side of the Jingzhou Bridge. Down, looking into the surrounding scenery, the woman of that, did not forget to take out the mobile phone, shooting a few beautiful spots on the side, of which the stern bridge, of course, is one of the main attractions that cannot be forgotten. A new scenic spot recently brought up Marlboro Regular Cigarettes, remember that when I was young, it was a junction of two townships. The river was wide, it was the main channel connecting the city and the town, and the villagers were shaking the small wooden boat on the city's waterway. Every year, the Dragon Boat Festival Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, every production team around, will organize a dragon boat fleet, transformed with a 3 ton small wooden boat, a fleet of 10 people, on the open lake here, to carry out the dragon boat race, become One of the happiest days of the year, I still remember that the grand occasion of the dragon boat in the 1970s attracted the surrounding and nearby villagers to witness the fiercely competitive scenes on both sides of the lake Cheap Newport Cigarette. In the pastoral village dominated by rice, every autumn harvest season, the fragrance overflows into the farmer��s economy and the rural urbanization is vigorously promoted. Great changes have taken place here: the villagers here have all been demolished and resettled in another The place Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa, instead of being built: trees, flowers, grasses, rivers, nine curved bridges, tea houses, chairs, in the place near the lake, a small number of ornamental ducks, of course, a lake shed in captivity For the tourists to watch, with the continuous improvement of the surrounding living environment, attracting some unnamed birds, landing on the lake and the shores of the lake, playing in the woods, looking for the natural food that they yearn for, not every week, configured The ingenious lighting of various colors and the bright lake at night make people feel magical and colorful. With the decoration of colorful lights, the Minghu scenic area has a unique charm, and the fountains accompanying the music accompaniment are like People enter the beautiful fairyland, let people forget to return, forget the time and place of the original flat, built a plot of high and low, the original dragon boat Fang, a new construction of a stern bridge, reminiscent of the previous dragon boat race, the willows on the edge of the stern bridge, dancing with the wind, and the peach blossoms on the side, have also quietly spit out pink buds, let People feel the unique atmosphere of spring, already in the Ming Lake scenic area, elegantly stretched out, and penetrated into the hearts of every visitor who visited the scenic spot, planting a variety of trees and flowers, or red or green, people can not know all Name, when you enter the scenic spot, every time you walk, people feel that there is a feeling of moving in and changing the scenery. The current location of Ming Lake Scenic Area is: now it is in the south of the southern scenic spot of the city government office building, Pinghu's bustling car passenger transportation center, the west side is the office space of Jiaxing Daily Pinghu Branch, and the east is the old 07 provincial road leading to Zhangpu in the main city of Pinghu. On a spring rest day, I broke into a new attraction. ���� Pinghu Minghu Scenic Area, the inherent thinking of people has brought about a qualitative change Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online. Because of the great changes of the times, it has often made your thoughts unable to keep up with the changes of the times, and there is a feeling of being outdated. The former pastoral garden has become a charming human garden. It is intoxicating and enjoying the peace and prosperity of the people. It brings the people of Limin and enjoys the beautiful Minghu Lake beyond imagination. It is another big public after the economic development of Jinping Lake. Leisure facilities, in the years to come, as our Pinghu economy continues to develop, more beautiful scenic spots are displayed in our lives, let us enjoy the economic take-off and bring us beautiful feedback, I believe this It must be true five years, ten years, twenty years later, here will be a beautiful wetland park, the trees are more lush, the scenery is more beautiful, and it is a beautiful place for our Pinghu people to relax, walk, view and cultivate their sentiments. We must attract friends from home and abroad to visit our beautiful Pinghu Lake Scenic Area, sightseeing, sightseeing, and enjoy the seductive posture of the beautiful scenery!

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