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Christmas is the perfect occasion to pull out all the stops. Decorations should head to-do lists and no effort must be spared to create unique , colorful and cheerful results. Store-bought products are okay if you don't have the time to make any but if you do, here are some ideas that will help.

Decorative bell jars

Bell jars have a quaint look so they're perfect for this project. Get out old silver platters and place a handful of colorful baubles. Colored marbles also work well. Using glitter and glue, thinly line the rim of bell jars for some sparkle. Cover the platters with them. The colors against the transparent glass will create pretty reflections.

This simple idea doesn't require anything expensive though you might have to purchase the bell jars.

Cake plate gifts

Cake plates are not often used so they should be put to work to make beautiful gift stands. Wrap lidded boxes with wrapping or scrapbook paper. Stack them up from largest to smallest and hold them together with color coordinated ribbons. You can also create a group of them and place them together.

What's great about this idea is that it can be used to fill odd spaces like empty corner tabletops.

Paper cones

Handmade paper is stiffer than ordinary paper which is why it's perfect for this idea. Purchase ‘Christmas colors' like gold, silver, white Cheap Adidas Superstar China , red and green and roll the papers into cones. Cut the bottoms to make them stand. You can sprinkle a little glitter over them for a festive touch.

Decorative pinecones

Using pinecones to make Christmas decorations is an old trick but here's an idea with a twist. Rather than simply painting them and adding them to wreaths or placing them in bowls, why not make people out of them? You'll need capped acorns, glue and acrylic paint.

Paint faces on the capped acorns and stick them to the top of the pinecones with glue. Lay ferns beneath to give a Christmassy feel.


Okay, this has been done to death but it holds charm. Buy pillar candles of different sizes and group them on a silver platter. Place pinecones and sprinkle gold and silver glitter. Lay the entire set up on a red or green table runner and place ferns beneath the platter for a perfect center or dining table piece.


Colored glassware doesn't have to be decorated as it already has plenty of color to add festive cheer. Just accessorize by placing votive candles around the glasses and a few colored baubles. You can also replace glassware with votive candleholders.

Wreaths and bowls

Hang wreaths on doors but go one further by turning them into centerpieces. Take a colored bowl or an ordinary glass one and place a wreath around it so that the bowl settles into it. If the wreath is too large, add small pinecones Cheap Adidas Superstar Sale , baubles and marbles. Put snacks in the bowl to attract the attention of visitors who'll just love the set up.

Garlands and fireplaces

Stockings hanging on mantles are the norm but give fireplaces a touch more color. Use a garland made of ferns and poinsettias to grace the frame of a fireplace and you don't need to add any more decorations to the mantle. You can add gold ribbons to the garland as well as unpainted pinecones to fill empty spaces. C Franklin Ltd provides inspection, installation, testing, maintenance, and repair on all your heavy duty lifting equipment including slings Cheap Authentic Adidas Superstar , wire rope, hoists, and cranes. C Franklin Ltd committed to promoting safe and efficient use of overhead cranes and rigging equipment. Our professionally developed courses consist of classroom and hands-on training, highlighting safe rigging, maintenance and lifting. Students will learn proper care Cheap Adidas Superstar Mens , inspection and application of all types of cranes and lifting equipment. Our well-trained service technicians are knowledgeable about all types of lifting equipment and provide timely and appropriate responses to your specific requirements. Our reputation, experience, flexibility, and attention to detail make us your premier service provider.
We also maintain the electrical panels by tightening lugs, checking connections Cheap Adidas Superstar Womens , and inspecting for corrosion. On bridge cranes we maintain gear boxes, pinion gears, grease all fittings, verify and refill of all fluid levels. Greasing the crane block load pin, tightening body bolts Cheap Adidas Superstar Shoes , and checking for hook housing bearing wear

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