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Fast food is appealing as long as it is not causing any harm to our health. But why wait for that day to come , for it can cause serious health hazards. Junk food may appear appetizing for a variety of reasons like convenience, tasty, price.

For every human being, a healthy body and a healthy mind is the necessity to live a healthy life. For that, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet. We all enjoy having junk food which is readily available and tastes different from the daily home-cooked meal , but it has no nutritious value. Most nutritionists consider junk food as harmful and unhealthy. Though it looks attractive from outside, it contains higher calories and less vitamin, protein, and minerals.

Fast foods and their fast impact
Most of the fast food items are high are sugar, salt and fat content for which children get quickly addicted to them. Though it is attractive and appetizing for all age groups , teenagers are more prone to get dependent on having junk food like burger, pizza, candies, soda, etc. Fast food items are high on sugar , sodium, fat content that can give rise to serious health issues like obesity problems in children, diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases.

What experts say?
Reputed Diabetologists and endocrinologists suggest their patients keep a check on their daily consumption of junk food items. Thyroid specialists believe that majority of the symptoms in their patients are because of over consumptions of oily junk food items.

Effects of junk food:
Liver malfunction 鈥?due to the excessive fat content in junk food items it can cause liver dysfunctions.
High blood pressure 鈥?it can cause high blood pressure level which can be fatal. It can cause stroke and severe heart problems.
Proper growth and development issues 鈥?maintaining a proper diet is very important for all age groups and kids during the growing stage it is crucial. Junk food contains less protein , vitamin and nutritious food value which hampers the proper growth cycle of a child. Less intake of nutritious food can retard the child鈥檚 growth and immunity system.
Dental problems 鈥?Junk food contains more sugar and carbohydrates which produces acidic reactions inside the mouth causing tooth decay. Fast food can cause tooth decay, cavities, gum swelling.
Poor concentration levels 鈥?junk food is also responsible for behavioral issues, poor concentration level, and irritability. Though it looks appealing and tastes good , its consequences on health are equally severe. It can cause mood swings and uncontrollable cravings making one impatient.
Constipation and digestive problems 鈥?fast food contains zero fiber content. After consuming fast food, it leaves no space for one to have healthy food. This creates imbalance and stomach problems. Stomach ache and digestion problems occur when there is less fiber content in food intake. Healthy food items like green vegetables and fruits have more fiber content.
Sleeping disorders 鈥?food items like soft drinks that contain more sugar content can affect the sleep cycle of your toddler. Food that has caffeine content keep them awake for a long time and causing harm to the healthy body metabolism.
Hypertension 鈥?consuming junk food for a long term can cause serious health issues affecting the heart. It clogs the arteries causing severe health hazards.
Junk food does absolutely no good to our body. It makes our brain and body weaker and less immune. The extra spice tastes good for a while but causes harm to our body in long term. So keep a check on your daily consumption of junk food. Say No to junk food and Know your health.

More About the Author

We are a healthcare group founded by endocrinologists. Our vision is to provide personalized and evidence based health care for patients with Endocrine Disorders?. Common disorders include Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroid dysfunction and PCOS. All these disorders require repeated examination by the doctor, quality laboratory evidence based prescribing , nurse dietitian educators, podiatrist, preventive cardiologist, urologist and many more professionals. We endeavor to bring this integrated healthcare team under one roof at an affordable cost to our patients with endocrine problems.

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Do you want to get some new headshots? Appropriate the following are some guidance on how to make your headshots stand out. Has your acting project stalled a small little bit just these days? If so you are not by yourself. Regrettably as of to the financial local climate work for actors have flip into extra tough and way more tough to get. In addition, many actors make the blunder of by making use of the exact same actual headshot calendar yr shortly when 12 months. The reality of the make any difference is that headshots for actors are critical to their careers. All the very same , these headshots get observed by the identical casting directors audition subsequent to audition. This can be a certainly good matter quite a few periods, but substantially a great deal more often than not you run into a small bit of concerns with this.

An personal of the primary cases with headshots for actors is that their headshot seems substantially a number of than they do in authentic everyday lifestyle. You do not want your headshot to look like a glamour shot that you are unable to stay up to. Alternatively, you want it to be an specific representation of who you are now. If you make a massive shift in your bodily physical appearance like a new hairdo or hair coloration you have to have to have new headshots. You have to be quickly recognizable with your headshots, and if you have a start off hoping that is somewhat a wide variety of than your photograph you may possibly demand to be several that you update your pictures.

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