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will result in your finding better brands of tea. Antworten

depressing. Even in the summer months , it can be difficult to rise to your full strength in the morning, to get up the energy to walk outside yours and face the coming days. It takes more than a shower and breakfast to make you feel human in the early hours of the day. Your morning tea is the only thing that can do the trick. For tea lovers, the first cupper of the day provides the kind of revitalizing charge that makes getting through the remaining eight, twelve, or sixteen hours possible.

There are wine snobs, beers snobs, and tea snobs. There is nothing wrong with being any of these things. Being fussy, demanding, and intolerant of poor quality is the hallmark of the committed tea drinker. There is so much in your life that you don't have control over , so much in your private and professional life that you must accept as it is; why should you not take a stand with the kind of breakfast tea you drink.

earl grey tea is one of the premiere teas in the world. It is widely available and can be purchased at any modern grocery or convenience store. However, such vendors, no matter how hip and well-stocked, will not carry the best Earl Grey teas. Do all your other shopping there, but not your tea.

Going to a specialty shop is the only way to get the best tea. It sounds like a cliché, but it nevertheless bears the stamp of truth. Buying your Earl Grey at smaller, independent tea shops is no mere act of rebellion against the big chains; it actually will result in your finding better brands of tea.

You should go to a shop that offers a wide range of teas. Of each kind—Earl Grey for example—they should be able to offer you much to choose from. Standing in a tea shop, inhaling the wonderfully rich aromas of the place, basking in the quiet , old world calm that most shops possess is enough to distract you from your main goal: finding tea that will satiate your palate. In other words, you must not be distracted either by the atmosphere of the tea shop or the salesmanship of the staff. You should of course listen to what any member of the latter has to say, and listen well. For you will be able to tell in an instance whether the person knows what they are talking about.

And this is what it comes down to: people who know tea. That is why you should consider forgoing a physical tea shop and try an online tea shop instead. You are likely to find a greater selection of teas and you will still have access to a human being, who you can question and request information from.

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