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How to enable 5ghz wifi on windows 10? Antworten

Currently, Windows 10 is the latest OS that's developed by Microsoft. For its excellent features and many useful applications, Windows 10 has become one of the best-known system software. Despite many features and various useful apps, you still can stumble upon some problems, where you can't even activate a certain feature. One such difficulty that you might get is how to enable 5Ghz wifi on Windows 10. in the section that follow's, you will get a reason on why you need to enable the 5GHz wifi.

How To Enable 5GHz wifi On Windows 10

Inspect If Your Machine Support 5GHz wifi

1st, hit the combination of 'Windows key + R' simultaneously. After that, the 'Run' dialog box will show up.

In the 'Run' dialog box, enter a command 'cmd' & hit the 'Enter' key to open the 'Command Prompt' window.

Type in 'netsh WLAN show drivers' & then to execute it, click 'Enter' button.

From the output, search for a heading 'Radio type's supported'. Under this heading, if there are three network mode's- '802.11a 802.11g 802.11n'. These three modes allow the pc to support both bandwidths 2.4GHz and 5GHz. If you get these network mode's – '802.11g 802.11n' and '802.11n 802.11g 802.11b'. Then the pc only supports bandwidth 2.4GHz.

Activate 5GHz Or 802.11n Mode On The wifi Adapter

First, right-click on the 'Windows Logo', then from the options list choose 'Device Manager'.

In the 'Device Manager' window, locate the 'Network adapters' category. Then, press the down arrow to expand this category. In this list look for the 'Wireless adapter' driver. Now, select it & then right-click on the driver. From the popup option's menu, select the 'Properties' option.

Now from 'Wireless adapter Properties', find the tab 'Advanced'. Under this tab, in the 'Properties' heading, look for '802.11n Mode' and then choose it. After that, visit the 'Value' heading, there select the value 'Enabled' from the drop-down menu.

Now, tap the 'OK' and reboot the pc and look if you'll get to see the 5GHz network.

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