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20.05.2020 05:17
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Looking down, silence is the main tone of life. Quiet silence will always be more or less reduced to loneliness and incomprehension. Little loneliness and little incomprehension may obscure some of the emotional experiences of the young people Online Cigarettes. It may make you a silent struggler. But are you willing to be an applauder to be supported under the stage? Now I am a "idle man" who just graduated from junior high school. Every night, under the quiet night, the mood is always eager to return to the three years of history. In the past three years, I have accumulated a lot of wisdom and thoughts, and the confusion and incomprehension of friendship. I have laughed, cried and ran together in three years. I am glad that the memories I have left in three years are rich and beautiful. The three-year change is huge Cigarettes Online. I always like to compare myself with my first year. I like the feeling of growth and the sweetness of aftertaste. The teenagers in the first day were all silly Cigarettes For Sale, and so did I. I don't know how to communicate with people, I don't know how to perceive life, I just know to work hard in three years. When a pair of friendship hands reached in front of me, I didn't know how to deal with it. Silly first year, don't seek fame, just seek to be yourself. In this way, a teenager who has to learn to be young has a delicate heart, and this heart can understand our own unique emotions about life. The silent heart slowly began to be noisy, longing for the beauty of butterflies flapping and the light of the galaxy. Every time I see the popular stars in the class talking with classmates, the envy is overflowing in my heart, I do n��t understand why I can only be a mortal being, and I gradually get tired of this life emotion, afraid of seeing the sunset-red sunset This kind of sunset glow brings more or less sorrow, and asks himself guiltily: "This is how the day passed"? The ray of red in the sky seemed to make me separated from the world, confused emotions, so that my results slowly slipped down. Decided to get rid of ... I slowly discovered that I lack expression, and that expression is the best way for myself and others to know each other's hearts, but I am ashamed of performance. Time is flowing, and I am changing myself. I am trying to learn the wisdom of language. When a strong beauty and a simple simplicity flow through the left and right ears of others, he will leave a position in your heart, a position that belongs to you. Of course language is not everything, and all the goodness given by others comes from your sincere performance. Hypocritical display will make you very tired, and sincerely show that others will not think you are publicity. When I gradually learned to show it, when the happiness in my heart was gradually lit up, I found that the youth life is so beautiful. The memory about youth is getting richer and richer, and I will cherish it. In the future, this kind of memory obtained by expressing oneself will surely become a sweet self-presentation before falling asleep under the starry night and enrich your youthful journey.
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