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09.05.2020 19:19
DiDi security strengthens: implements facial recognition verification for its drivers Antworten

DiDi security strengthens: implements facial recognition verification for its drivers

The Chinese mobility app seeks to provide greater security to its users, and to improve security at DiDi, an identity verification process has been implemented through facial recognition, with which it will validate that the driver is the same person who has complied with the security requirements of your platform at the time of registration.
DiDi security strengthens
"Since DiDi arrived in Mexico in 2018, it has dedicated efforts to develop and improve the security features available to drivers and passengers who use the application," the firm said in a press release .
The new security technology in DiDi uses facial recognition algorithms, very similar to those found in a wide range of cell phones. With it, the identity of each driver can be validated every day and in real time.

Image: DiDi
The system will carry out an analysis of drivers' facial features against information that was manually validated in the application, this time using artificial intelligence and machine learning processes to achieve continuous improvement.
On a daily basis drivers will be asked to verify their identity through this security system in DiDi when accepting a trip, and in the event that a driver does not pass this test, their account will be temporarily blocked and they must carry out an appeal process with the company, manually and accompanied by the DiDi security team.
This process will be carried out by sending photographs, as well as official identifications and documentation of the driver in question, in order to confirm his identity. As of now, the new DiDi security system is enabled for drivers in all the cities in which the mobility platform operates in Mexico.
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Other security systems that the mobility app has
Since DiDi arrived in our country, the company has been dedicated to developing and improving its safety features, available to both drivers and passengers who use this application, including:
Before each trip
• A vehicle and driver verification process is carried out , which includes a background check in municipal, state, federal and international databases.
• Verification with facial recognition for drivers before being able to connect to the platform.
• Anonymous telephone system , as a protection measure in the contact between users.
• Driver education on safe driving and avoiding distractions behind the wheel.
• Continuous monitoring and risk alerts .
• Verification of passenger accounts with official identification , as an additional security measure for drivers. This method is continually being improved and complemented by other methods, such as credit card and social media verification.
#DiDi wants to increase your security in # Mexico by verifying the identity of your drivers
During each trip
• GPS record in real time.
• The company has a specialized security team at the DiDi Reaction Center to follow up on reported incidents.
• Security Toolkit that includes:
• Share the trip with up to 5 trusted contacts.
• Access to a security button in case of dangerous situations with a direct line to 911.
• 24/7 support and attention by a specialized security team.
Continuous protection systems
• Specialized security team with 24/7 call center
• Coordination with authorities to attend emergency situations in strict adherence to legislation
• DiDi protection in addition to vehicle insurance, broad coverage, with civil liability, medical coverage and damage to third parties
• Exploration system of risk areas where areas with potential for incidents are identified and limited in certain locations and times
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