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"Examples In Joint Venture Marketing" Marketing Articles | June 22, 2002
... in Joint Venture ... by GL Foltz Do you take ... of joint ... If not Jim Gantner Jersey , you're leaving a very powerful tool on the table. Joint ventures are ... formed for the pu

"Examples in Joint Venture Marketing"
by GL Foltz

Do you take advantage of joint ventures? If not, you're leaving a very powerful tool on the table.

Joint ventures are partnerships formed for the purpose of the mutual benefit of all parties involved. Joint venture
marketing can involve advertising but not *only* that. It isn't just barter, it's much more than quid pro quo.

Joint venture marketing is sharing ideas Cecil Cooper Jersey , innovation and complimentary resources and products.

Joint venture marketing isn't confined only to network marketing... (though for network and multi-level marketing
to be legitimate, the concept of 'joint venture' must be central or someone in the partnership isn't pulling their
weight.) Joint venture is all about creating opportunity and success. It is mutual support. A joint venture is
greater than the sum of it's parts... which is what makes it such a powerful tool.

A business may struggle to succeed not because of what it does well... the struggle might be a result of what it

For instance, Charlotte Advertser may excel at getting the word out about her product or service Glenn Robinson Jersey , but she might have
trouble managing customer relationships. In this example,
Charlotte's business might have a long string of one-time sales -- but no repeat customers to get her business

Charlotte must immediately either learn CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or find someone like Chuck Followup who's advertising skills aren't on the par of Charlotte's; but who is awesome at creating lasting bonds with an existing customer. Another plus for such a possible partnership between the two businesses would be if their
businesses compliment each other.

That's one example of how a joint venture opportunity might present itself. The possiblities are infinite.. limited only by your imagination and creativity.

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