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The steps to globalization lead the way towards a global same applies to our GBU my opinion Dmitry Kulikov Jersey Authentic , for a global comapny but there's a lot more to be done to achieve the global status...a company needs to go up the globalization pyramid so as to become a truly global company...[the pyramid something like the one given below]

[own manufacturing & branding]^
global marketing^
international marketing^
agent based^

this is the way companies have gone global..& truly have they become global about Siemens, GE, Philips Patrik Laine Jersey Authentic , Boeing, Daimler Benz, Ford Blake Wheeler Jersey Authentic , have followed the same path..

the challenge lies in going global because the threshold required for jumping to the next level is high as the risk & investment associated is also high. But one thing is clear that one can never achieve a global status by not taking any the global companies have taken the risk at the time it required, & those which didnt vanished or have become smaller than what they were before.

risks of not becoming global:

1. dependence on others business performance
2. opportuinity loss
3. not be able to differentiate ourselves

Theories of globalization:

1. Raymond Vernon
2. Mc Kinsey
3. Bartlett & Ghoshal

I think we should all give it a thought and see what can be done to achieve a global status.

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Select a more convenient room in advance to get rid of having the places that cannot work well for you. Do it and expect everything to work well. Be wiser than anyone when you choose the exact one. Narrow all your options on the list to be able to call the people immediately.

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