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26.03.2020 23:56
Some companies have their own CMS and have programmed Antworten

Some companies have their own CMS and have programmed that you can use their content management system by purchasing a company license code. Each of these systems has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each is rapidly evolving, and we need to evaluate and evaluate each one individually, so that we can choose the best. Whether you have a hotel website, retail store page, restaurant website, auto dealer site, banking site, healthcare site or corporate site – there are key elements you can leverage to drive targeted organic website traffic.

But proprietary systems have bad ones:

  • You are limited to the software of the same company and are within the framework of a fixed structure
  • You cannot make many changes if you try to do so your costs will increase.

The global web industry is progressing day by day and this has been for the convenience of internet users.

For several years now, webmasters have grown and improved in other words, content management systems.

Definition of CMS:

But Content Management System (CMS) is a basic software that you can import and organize, edit or delete. Easily create a site for a site more professional features depending on your needs can easily add to your site.

Open Source Content Management System:

Suppose you want your site to have an advanced user membership system. You can install the plugin (plugin) required to have a membership system with system content management can manage your site easily.

Benefits of Open Source CMS:

  • Very low startup cost
  • System update and bug fixes of previous versions
  • Lots of possibilities (depending on the type of content management system)
  • Flexibility (depends on the type of content management system)
  • Ease of use and management
  • SEO for search engines

Types of Open Source Content Management System:

These types of systems are already very popular and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will introduce you to the most famous content management systems.

The following list of open source content management systems:



WordPress Content Management System is the king of CMS, which has been growing for many years, and one of the great advantages of this system is the release of updated versions, and the previous bug in the updated version will be fixed.  But an important feature of this content management system is that it has about 8 different plugins and has powerful layouts with lots of features. And most importantly the support of this system is very powerful in Iran and in case of any problem you can easily solve the problem by participating in support forums.


The Joomla! System is also one of the most popular content management systems that has attracted many users in recent years.

It has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times and has received many accolades, but its disadvantages are its late update of this content management system and recently there have been a lot of bugs that have been debated.

Joomla! Is a powerful competitor to the WordPress system, which has grown a lot in recent years and added functionality to its CMS? But WordPress is still at the top of the table, with constant updates and high security becoming one of the top content management systems.

The project was started in year 3 and launched in year 2. This content management system finally started in year 3 with the launch of conferences.

To date, it has attracted some of the most popular users. The system is slightly more complex than the other two systems and has less flexibility but has relatively good support in the US.

The system has had over 2 million and 6,000 users so far and has built over 3,000 extensions and more than 4 templates for this management system, which is a significant figure and can be a tough competitor for Joomla.

What is the best content management system?

It will be a little difficult to answer which question is really the best content management system.

But we need to weigh our needs and see what scope and scope we are going to have in the online business space. it just makes sense to buy mobile traffic!  All of our mobile traffic comes from iOS and Android giving you the advantage of reaching future customers wherever they happen to be at.

In this article we tried to introduce you to the most popular CMS.

But there are many content management systems, some open source and some proprietary and some store builders, and they are specialty store builders that we will introduce later.

But these systems can also be the first choice for those who are bloggers and can even build acceptable stores with a variety of features, but depending on your needs and tastes, which content management system to choose. Check this video about web traffic:


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13.04.2020 09:58
#2 RE: Some companies have their own CMS and have programmed Antworten

This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing blog that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free.
this article

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04.06.2020 21:57
#3 RE: Some companies have their own CMS and have programmed Antworten

it is great

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