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26.03.2020 10:54
Features To Be Considered While Creating An IM App Like WhatsApp Antworten

WhatsApp is now currently the top Instant Messaging apps with cutthroat competition with Telegram, SnapChat and much more. Instant Messengers came as a saviour when normal texting got a tad boring. The whole game of texting has been changed with the advent of IM apps. WhatsApp with almost 900 million monthly active users has some underlying important features that should be added while creating an IM app like WhatsApp.

The below list of features are must haves and you can also integrate some novel ideas if you have them into your IM. Just to be sure, make your IM app a free one to use for you to garner a large customer base and keep faith in the word-of the mouth marketing to happen.

Seamless Message Exchange

Sending of messages back and forth in an IM may seem like the obvious, it is little more complicated than it seems. Store your conversations to a certain limit and have the conversations in case the user gets logged in with another number. WhatsApp doesn’t store the message on the server so it’s much easier to carry on with the load of storing the messages. Saves a lot of hassles when storing outdated messages for so long.

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