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20.10.2018 14:40
Where to buy best price Nike Air Foamposite One Habanero Red? Antworten

Nike Air Foamposite One, the darling of autumn and winter, re-exposed the new color palette "Habanero Red". “Habanero” refers to a kind of chili that is a specialty of Cuba. Nike Air Foamposite One Habanero Red is also a self-proclaimed local resident of Havana, so it can be understood as “pepper spray”? ? ? The shoes are made of orange-red foam with matte effect. The details of the upper are decorated with a large red color. The heel shoes are also printed with Nike lettering details. With the all-black outfit, I believe it is a popular color. "Red Spray" was not put on the shelves in the country last year, so that the shoes were fascinated by the previous section. The whole color scheme was similar to the red spray, which attracted a lot of attention! The pair of Air Foamposite One “Habanero Red” has a red matching scheme, but the metallic color makes it look more like an orange upper. Before the tongue and heel lift ring were displayed with the words “FOAMPOSITE”, this unexpectedly adopted “NIKE” font, the recognition is more eye-catching!

Nike's bubble series has always been a favorite of everyone, but the price is too expensive, the difficulty of starting too high, and the recent exposure of a new Nike bubble color "Habanero Red", Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Bare Pink have captured your heart? Inspired by a local Havana pepper, the overall color scheme is similar to the red spray that was released last year. The shoes are made of matte orange-red foam, the details of the upper are decorated with a large red tone, and the heel is also printed with the Nike lettering details. With the all-black outfit, I believe it is a popular color. A large circle of foaming uppers is very eye-catching, but the details are also very large. The front of the shoelace system has a small orange-red swoosh, with a long orange-red line in the middle of the tongue. The front looks very Invigorating. The shoes are inspired by a local chili in Havana. The shoes are made of metallic orange-red. The original foaming tongue and heel lifting ring are marked with the word “FOAMPOSITE”. Replace with the "NIKE" font to bring super recognition!

Foaming is perhaps the best shoe to wear in autumn and winter. The Nike Air Max 270 Green comfortable foot feels with the integrated hot melt upper. It is windproof and rainproof for your feet. If you can make a delicate color matching on the color of the upper. That must be more popular. Previously we introduced you, Nike Sportswear will release a pair of orange Foamposite One "Habanero Red", this time finally has a physical appearance. Harbanero is both the capital of Cuba and the name of Cuba's specialty pepper. The heat of Havana peppers is also among the best in the world, and his unique color is also called Habanero Red, which is very eye-catching. This time, NikeSportswear has added Habanero Red to the upper of Foamposite One, and the temperature of the shoes can only be felt by color. This “Habanero Red” color scheme is very similar to the red spray, which is decorated with black and red color. Although this has not released the physical spy photos, but from a rumor point of view, this "Habanero Red" uses a matte upper different from the red spray, with a black collar and a translucent crystal outsole, with a metallic red spray Presented in two different styles.

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