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30.01.2020 06:38
Manage your digital life with Norton setup Antworten

If you are one amongst those who spend most of the time surfing the Internet, it’s time for you to stay protected from ever-evolving cyber-crime. Getting to know about the threats involved in online activities is one of the basic things to learn these days to maintain your cybersecurity. While there are many programs designed to get away with such threats, but they can’t handle them all. Norton is one of such programs that are specifically designed for people to manage their digital life.

Cybercriminals keep on finding ways to inject the virus in victims systems so that they can gain access to the sensitive information available on their system. These ways include tech support phone scams, malicious links, suspicious websites, tax frauds, and social engineering.

What kind of digital threats can be averted with Norton?

Fake public networks- Although free Wi-Fi is always tempting, but a fake network can cost you more than you expected. Anyone could set up a fake Wi-Fi to keep an eye on every single thing you are doing. You may lose your password, PINs, and personal browsing information. If you want to stay safe from this, you should never connect to a Wi-Fi network especially when you don’t know what it is or whom it belongs to because it may be a trap or you can have with product key on your device.

Password phishing on public computers- because the public network can store information of numerous people, it becomes a hub for hackers to gain access to a huge amount of data available on the Internet. It advised using your device for making online transactions so that you don’t fall prey of cybercrime. Do not use social networking sites on public computers as it may open the gates for cyber threats.

Password theft- being one of the most vivacious forms of cybercriminal activity, it gives access to everything available on your device to the hackers. Be it information regarding the financial account, transactions you do at a store or more. It could lead you into bigger trouble that you have never thought of. It is recommended that you use a different password for a different account if you want to stay protected from Password theft. You could also consider using a safe password management app that can be downloaded from

Identity theft- this is one of the most vivacious forms of cybercrime. Pretending to be the victim, the hackers store lots of information. Earlier hackers used to disguise themselves as victims, but nowadays they are using modern technology such as a computer or any other device. Try to be careful on social networks because at such platforms there are many things to lurk people into hacking. with product key made easy

If you want to stay protected from the above-mentioned threats, you can download Norton on the device from which you access the Inter. Below are given the easy steps that can be followed to do so:

-Sign In to Norton using your Norton account credentials. (Note: If you do not have one, click “Create an Account” and follow the prompts to complete the signup process)
-In the “Get Started” page, you will be asked to enter the product key.
-Type in your unique product key in the “Enter a New Product Key” field and click “>”.
-The next step you have to do is to click on the “Agree & Download” option.
-In case there is more than one product in your account, choose the product you want to download and hit the “Next” button.
-Now you will see the instructions to “Run” or “Save” the downloader file. Here, you have to choose according to your need.
-Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation wizard and the activation process.

Your device is now all set to detect and remove viruses and malware before they could infect your computer. You must be careful online because your information is precious. Always keep yourself up to date with the knowledge of the latest threats and update your devices accordingly.

zack smith is an acclaimed technical writer and his articles have appeared in a number of tech websites. His articles contribute to the latest technology, solutions to technical issues in top branded printers, and viruses, and emails. He focuses on balancing informative contents along with all technical needs. Visit@:- Norton setup.

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