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felix christian ( Gast )

29.01.2020 17:30

people who have high cortisone maintain that high cortisol for a period of time will have very low or
lower testosterone levels and therefore have a more difficult time with being an erection and also
having a good sex drive so their libido goes down as well hopefully that answers your question any other
questions that's because that's a really good one Marcus yes I do believe in multivitamins however this
is because with modern farming practices we've depleted our soil our soil used to be a lot more rich in
nutrients and vitamins especially like zinc and zinc is really good with testosterone but the thing is zinc is
a building block and it is Qatar and like over 300 processes in our body so our soul is pleated because
we're doing mono farming rather than crop rotation and composting and we're trying to add in the
nutrients the plants need

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