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13.01.2020 02:36
officer is foolish for a while Antworten

That rice soldier military officer is cold to hum 1, said:" Orchid general, this of round a Jiao activity is what we rice president Guo fell president Guo to decide together with you, taking Lu Fu Gong as the battlefield is that you fell president Guo to put forward on your own initiative of.So even if the activity carried out to appear in the process what problem, you should also seek your Mr. president, not complain here.Still have, you only have to match with the obligation that we act completely now, didn't say three four powers here."
Face rice soldier military officer of pre-eminent declare, that calls the felling of orchid country ranking officer some languages fill, the in the mind secretly puts blame on the president of his/her own nation at the same time.But at this time, the computer of orchid in front up received the latest information, he orders to open this information, immediately the facial expression is huge to change, an appearance for daring not believing.
The various Ge of flank flows cloud good heart to ask a way:" Orchid general, occurrence what not good affair?"
Orchid facial expression deadly pale, Plantation shutters the latest information projection in the computer is on the big screen and say:"Is each, Lu Fu Gong just delivered to the latest intelligence report.Say Lu Fu Gong's underground just take place greatly collapsed fall, the of underground and Seine appeared 1 overflow, a great deal of river water was pouring infused into Lu Fu Gong, caused Lu Fu Gong's power's being destroyed, thoroughly the power is off, at least half hide building be drowned by water.Connect the warehouse that is used by us to deposit a true article be also drowned by water."
The that rice army officer gets a shock, hurriedly stood and roared loud a way:"Damn of, do you say that that depositing the warehouse of true article target that we use to is a bait was also drowned by the flood?I deposit in the thing in the warehouse now how?"
Although the orchid is sad that Lu Fu Gong is poured the important loss of infusing the possible emergence by the flood,does not already be afraid of to the pre-eminent rice soldier military officer, have to answer the question of rice soldier military officer:"Bo Er general, from the information that I just received to see, that warehouse affirmation has already been drowned by the flood.Before we pass the supervision in the warehouse to shoot to be like a head to have been seeing the circumstance in the warehouse and discover that the target is intact.But afterwards the supervision in the warehouse shoots to be like a head suddenly out of order, top whole is a snowflake, what also can't see.Arrive after flood pour infuse, Lu Fu Gong thoroughly cuts the power, we shot a conjunction like head to break to open with that supervision.So we basically don't know that you deposit in the concrete circumstance of the target in the warehouse now."
Saying of Bo Er disaffection:"You before aren't the buildings that the air opinion says Lu Fu Gong is how hard?Otherwise I how may deposit in so important thing Lu Fu Gong.If my thing appeared a problem when you maintain, I would definitely make you pay for it."
But at this time, a technical personnel of flank suddenly says:"Excuse me each, we just just discover, we are from all of the appearance that the each supervision of Lu Fu Gong shot to be like to see in the head is be done hand and foot, what we saw was the appearance that the other people wanted to make us see.So you before discover the intact appearance of that target is probably also the appearance that was cut over by the other people very much.This discovers an imitation article from us drive battle armor the person rend away, but in the supervision shoot to be like an imitation article in head still just we place of exhibition hall in can with the substantial evidence."
That calls the rice soldier of of Bo Er the military officer is foolish for a while, suddenly and loudly descend to reach an order, shout a way in the communication machine:"All personnels please watch for and go to Lu Fu Gong to salvage a task target right away, the task target is count for much, Plantation shutters have to take it back."Waited for a while, he thought of what, and then add a way:"Searching and demolishing the person of on the Seine don't participation, continue in the river segment and search and demolish the whereabouts of.

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