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Pure Muscle Growth so in new born male babies we talk about micropenis when the penis length (after stretching) is less than 1.9 cm, while in adult men it is about 2-4 cm length (measured during erection). Causes of micropenis are still not entirely clear Pure Muscle Growth unknown. It is most likely the result of hormonal disorders Pure Muscle Growth genetic defects. Due to the not very clear etiology of micropenis, its treatment is not a simple matter. Correct management in the event of a micropenis requires many specialized tests, primarily hormonal, but also genetic, Pure Muscle Growth then an appropriate therapeutic approach conducted by a team of doctors specializing in various fields of medicine. What are the causes of micropenis? The etiology of a developmental disorder, which is the micropenis , remains a great mystery Pure Muscle Growth a major challenge for medical science. Probably, micropenis arises in men when, in utero, especially during the early stages of pregnancy (usually the first trimester), hormonal disorders have occurred. In the vast majority of cases, they were disorders related to male hormones - androgens.

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