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04.01.2020 10:12
About ICO Marketing Antworten

ICO marketing is a crucial aspect of your ICO launch, as it ensures that your ICO obtains the visibility that it needs to attract investors. ICO marketing services are a niche service, due to the nascent crypto sphere. Blockchain App Factory’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in Blockchain provides a perfect foundation and platform to kickstart your ICO marketing campaign.

BAF’s customized and targeted strategies are developed keeping in mind your business’s requirements, to obtain much-needed visibility, broadening the reach of your ideas with on-page and off-page optimization strategies.

BAF, as an industry leader, increases your chances of market success with targeted ICO marketing campaigns that integrate a plethora of strategies; these include email advertising, SEO, Social Media, PPC, and much more. BAF enables customer retention and conversion, the two pillars of effective marketing.

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