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 Speedfight 2 100
Highway 87 Keto ( Gast )

18.12.2019 09:44
Highway 87 Keto Antworten

MVP of the NBA this past season Jana setenta McCune PO from Greece Abdullah go head the Greek freak alright my last guy and he's frozen again oh my god what's going on look at that face unless he's holding it really well I don't know this is going terribly well as we party interruption I'm here are you there yes okay go ahead AB alright the last name now I have to point this out if you do not know this name I don't know if I can look at you the same alright and not and I'm not saying that because your screen will get frozen halfway before yo Highway 87 Keto u answer oh don't hurt my feelings so the name I got for you is Tiger Woods oh come on that's an easy one he's a white beater - that would be golf come on I don't know if I want to air this at all anymore I you know you've been getting it wrong today you know boost your confidence a little if you were gonna go good if I boost my confidence because

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