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14.12.2019 04:05
I grew up with her s Antworten

I grew up with her since I met her parents. Our friendship is sincere and beautiful. It wasn't until I went to junior high school in the field that I realized that we had drifted away. I remember when I was leaving that day, she came to see me and gave me a white bear, saying that the bear can witness our friendship forever. There was a sudden surge of emotion in my heart, and a lot of words were stuck in my mouth, turning into tears on my face. I thought our separation would be earthshaking, but now we just waved our hands silently and left. After entering junior high school, I gradually integrated into the new life. With new friends, they are very friendly, but I still feel empty in my heart, because she is missing from my side, her sunshine and innocence have affected me, That shy and shy I became generous. Once we were in a hide-and-seek, I accidentally fell into the stinking ditch, and my clothes were soaked, a bad smell came out, the skin was scratched, and a drop of blood leaked out. She helped me crying and went to a nearby public toilet to wash the wound clean. She helped me to a clinic, waited for the doctor to give me the medicine, and then accompanied me back to the house before leaving silently. The next day I went to school, and I found that she left a small note with a warm blessing and a lollipop on my desk, which is the flavor of grapes I love. I burst into tears, and I couldn't believe how she could endure the stench on my body to help me go to the hospital. This incident was deeply imprinted in my heart, and made me understand that sincere friendship can overcome all difficulties. I went back to see her last holiday. She actually cried impatiently and hugged me. I was at a loss as I was at a loss. I didn't know how to comfort her. I was infected and wept. pain. After that, we went to our alma mater, and there was no change. It was still so neat and beautiful, full of children's joyful laughter and loud reading. When we walked to the playground, the scene we played together immediately came to mind. Today we are still like that, holding hands and coming to this paradise Carton Of Cigarettes, but we are no longer running wild Cigarettes For Sale, the years that have passed have gradually matured us, standing in a group of playful children. Yeah, we are all junior high school students. How can we return to the innocence of elementary school every day? The sun rises and falls every day, and the past second will freeze in the long river of history. From now on, I want to make my time more valuable and meaningful. Maybe this way, I will not be too sorry for the elapsed years, right? She, who is separated from me by a little white bear, has heard me tell me? My dear friend, I hope you are well, our friendship is long and lasting, years are like the sea, and friendship is like a song.
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