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03.12.2019 02:44
... Finally I cried-thi Antworten

Life is a long and tiring river. Childhood is like a part of it. When all the glory is gone, there are some eternal diamonds. There are still some flashes of the Enlong journey flashing in the memory, although short, but in retrospect, there will be a ripple of happiness in the corner of the mouth. At 5 pm, there was only the color of the sunset reflecting on the sky Marlboro Gold. My friends and I walked through the iron fence and entered the Enlong Ecological Park. Stepping out of the hall Parliament Cigarettes, his eyes suddenly opened up, and a lake occupied most of the view. There is a small bridge over the lake, and my partners and I picked up colorful pebbles, hurriedly climbed the small bridge. The laughter was rolling. Walking along the path, the lake became narrower and narrower, and it dried up under a small bridge. I looked up at the gentle warm heart of the sun, and my heart was curious, it seemed that it was not caused by this "warm sun in winter". Suddenly there was a flash of light in my mind, and I turned to the face with the crystal clear waterdrops, and gave a smirk: "Or else, let's go for a walk? Look at what baby? Hey hey hey I'm lucky because of rock-paper-scissors Poor, so I got the priority reward ticket. I took a few steps back, the cat got up, knelt down on one knee, and made a "step-and-saw" starting movement. They shouted in unison: "Three, two ,One! "I quickly pulled out the kneeling knee" � � -click "and gave a sharp brake by the edge of the river bed, and stopped." Let ... let me catch my breath ... "The partners laughed, To be honest, I'm too young. "What? How dare you insult me! My eyebrows jumped in an instant, and a monkey jumped down. Who knows, the dry riverbed was only beautifully disguised, and the mud was her true face! In this way, I was trapped in the mire and couldn't help myself. See you, this little partner can't move, looks terrible, tears of tears, and leans back and backwards. Looking at their bright smiles, I also became infected, laughing with them, the more laugh The deeper I fell ... Finally I cried-this was a cry of fear, terrified them, and they immediately awakened from the rolling laughter, calling out to their parents aloud, and the parents also came from the garden Running around all corners and I saw my dad crying and fierce, seeing my dad I think the savior is here! My dad saw my muddy feet, my pants were a mess Newport Cigarettes Coupons, without a word, immediately carried me to the clear lake It was washing shoes and feet, and even the dirt on the socks was washed away. Finally, my father was carrying me back to the car. When I lay down on his wide back, I instantly Found a sense of snuggle; when I frame my head on When I was deeply sunk in the back, I found a deep feeling of dependence. I laughed, I laughed so happily, I know that I have the best father in the world. The beautiful childhood was fleeting and naive. The days are always over so quickly, and those beautiful memories are always left behind. These beautiful things are enough to give me motivation for my junior high school life. Beautiful things are always energetic, and beautiful things are always positive.
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