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19.10.2019 04:30
All you need to know about lace frontal weave Antworten

Lace frontals are the newest wave and I love a good frontal weave! Frontals are really taking over the hair industry. Since more hair stylists and sew-in specialists are training on how to install and “slay” a lace frontal correctly, it’s becoming a growing trend in today’s hair culture!There are 13*4 and 13*6 lace frontal hair on the market.

As many people are getting these beautiful installations, there are still some who are confused on what exactly a lace frontal is.

For those who aren’t too familiar with weave terms, we will get into every piece of the puzzle!
A lace frontal goes from ear to ear, so the entire front of head is covered, which is the difference between a closure and a frontal. 13×4 Lace Frontal is the standard size. But there are also frontals with lace space of 13’’ x 6’’ and 360 lace frontal. And with the frontal, UNice hair also has silk base lace frontal available.
Lace Closure vs. Lace Frontal – What’s the Similarity?
Both lace closures and frontals are great because they eliminate the need for leaving hair out and risk of heat damage. And they serve a similar purpose –-to close off a weave install flawlessly. When completed, it will give you the look like the hair is growing directly from your scalp.
difference between closure and frontalsLace Closure vs. Lace Frontal – What’s the Difference?
The difference between lace closures and lace frontals are lace size, versatility and costs.
Lace size---the most obvious difference. Closures are typically 4×4 in size. However, the most common length of a frontal is 13×4, which covers the entire hairline. Versatility---A lace frontal goes from ear-to-ear, which gives more coverage, allowing you to be able to part the hair anywhere and therefore provides more flexibility in styling. However, a lace closure only covers a portion of your head, so it’s possible to pull your hair back without exposing your tracks. Costs---lace closures are smaller and less versatile, but they are more affordable than the lace frontal.
Choosing frontals or closures depends on what style you are trying to achieve. If any questions or need, please feel free to let us know. UNice Hair will guide you to the most suitable decision.

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