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23.08.2019 03:51
From home to unit, not Antworten

From home to unit, not far away. The original ten-minute road, because the fog is hard to walk for nearly half an hour. The densely fogged world, everything is gray, and even a few low-lying sections have become foggy gathering places. This is the longest foggy weather I have ever experienced. I am worried about the fog that I have not been going for for a long time. Hearing the car horn, you need to go to the front to see the dimly lit danger warning light, the nerves are highly nervous. The road junction of the expressway was crowded with all kinds of vehicles waiting to be released. Just in the direction I came, a huge monster that was dragging the tower crane was also coming in - it must have been dangerous in a certain section around it. However, the fog finally dissipated, and it was a bit dazzling, but after all, it broke away from the heavy shade and exposed the silhouette of the sun. I always thought that the wind played a key role. The low cypresses swayed their bloated bodies, and the remaining grass leaves shook distressedly by the misty and heavy limbs, the tall poplars without leaves, and the horrible stalks that were bare above the bare branches. The sky, as if to meet the less obvious sunshine, can only end in failure. The wind is coming from the northwest - the feeling of fog in yesterday seems to be the position of the wind. The sky is smashing, it is not the trace of fog, but perhaps the dust brought by the wind. Finally, with the fierceness of the flow, the static suffocation was occupied. Turning the corner Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the wind is blowing in the face, the angle of the clothes is followed by the plucking, and the heat of the whole body is quickly dissipated at a speed that can be clearly perceived. The wind is very high, and it is close to the whistling battle. The wind is very fierce. It is almost a breath of scent for a long time. The sand was finally floated, and I licked it from the side, and slammed the glass on the window. Winter, is using its messenger - the wind is declaring cold intentions, before it comes, sweeping all frivolous, welcoming its mammoth marching team with hard ice cold... This is being raided Carton Of Cigarettes, of course including The foggy wind that tried to smash is bleak Wholesale Cigarettes, although there is no strong in the spring, there is no surprise in the summer, and even the boldness in the fall is hidden by the season, leaving a more clean and clean shell... But its bleakness has never been as vivid as it is now. It floats so high, the sound is so stalwart, and the majestic bursts of sound like a wave are taking a piece of its own staunch. It wants to blow away the mist that immerses in the land, and wants to blow away the shadow of the clouds, so that the world that has not received heat for a long time can get more sunshine care, even though it is also the messenger of winter - the mission, only the wind Knowing but the eyes that are soaked in happiness in front of the window, I am grateful after all - no longer suffer from the fog, and no longer look at the streetscapes of fallen leaves.
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