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tessa lane ( Gast )

22.08.2019 06:46 Antworten

Provexum However, like most women, for lovers of statistics and exact figures, about 70%. Myth number 4. Bald men have better potency It is possible that this myth appeared due to the bald men themselves, who similarly tried to reassure themselves and convince the people around that having lost hair on their heads, they found something more. how could not affect their sexual activity. However, it is known that sexual activity in the response is not only testosterone, it is influenced by many other factors, both external and internal. Thus, this myth remains just a myth. Myth number 5. In marriage, sex becomes worse It depends on what is meant by the word “worse”? Yes, interstuil sex is not the same as sex between lovers, it is mostly more peaceful. Nosex between married people has its advantages, partners are not afraid of possible failure, or the fact that sex will change their relationship with each other. Sex between intersuprugs, perhaps, is somewhat predictable, but each of them subconsciously knows how to please his partner, how to arouse him and bring him to orgasm. Myth number 6. The sperm man's supply is not unlimited. History is silent about the source of "accurate" information relating to a limited amount of sperm produced by the male organism. Perhaps this myth has appeared, in order to instill in the younger male generation the fear of prematurely spending strategic reserve for masturbation. But in reality, this limitation is absent, the sperm is prepared by the male body as needed. Myth number 7. In men, sexual desire arises more often than in women. And no! As a result of studies, it was proved that the activity and frequency of sexual attraction does not depend on the sex of the person. Approximately 50% of couples who took part in the study need to have sex the same in both men and women. Myth number 8. Sex in the bathroom guarantees that you will not get pregnant Be carefull! Especially in matters of contraception. This statement clearly refers to the mythical area.

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