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ISLAMABAD , Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- An influential Pakistani religious leader Tahir ul Qadri announced late Tuesday he is calling off his over two-month of anti-gov't sit-in in Islamabad, which is seen a major step to reduce political crisis in the country. Qadri, however , told his supporters that his Pakistan Awami Tehrik or Pakistan Peoples Movement will continue protests in other cities.

The government welcomed Qadri's decision and a cabinet minister Saad Rafiq also urged Imran Khan to follow Qadri to end his protest.

Qadri and the former cricket icon Imran Khan had started protests with long-marches on Islamabad from the eastern city of Lahore on August 14 to mount pressure on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign. However; the Prime Minister had rejected the demand.

Imran Khan announced he would not end his sit-in until the Prime Minister resigns.

At the initial stage both the leaders had camped thousands of their supporters outside the parliament house, disrupting life in the capital and according the government ministers had caused huge financial losses to the national exchequer.

"I have decided to end the sit-in after consulting other coalition partners," Qadri told his supporters.

"I advise all activists to disperse and go back homes ," he said, adding that the protest will continue in other cities as the second phase of his "revolution".

The protests had relatively been peaceful, however , three activists died and nearly four hundred injured when clashes erupted between the protesters and the riot police last month. Qadri's supporters had also stormed building of the state TV, forcing suspension of the transmission for around 30 minutes.

Qadri held series of dialogue with the government's negotiators but the process could not produce results as Qadri insisted on resignation of the Prime Minister, the demand rejected by the government. All opposition parties had backed the Prime Minister and continuation of the parliament.

Qadri claimed in his farewell speech to his supporters that the sit-in was successful as he has conveyed his message to the people across the country.

"I congratulate the participants of the Inqilab (revolution) march and sit-in for their steadfastness and courage ," the religious leader aid.

Imran Khan, who head Pakistan Tehrik Insaf or Justice Movement, said he will not end his sit-in despite's Qadri's decision.

"I will not go anywhere from Islamabad. I will stay here until the resignation of the Prime Minister ," Khan told his supporters shortly after Qadri's announcement.

Political observers are of the view that Qadri's decision will also weaken Khan's sit-in as hundreds of protesters will leave the capital. Both parties had camp close to each other.

The sit-ins by the two parties had been the longest in the country's political history.

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