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taste without adding any unnecessary calories to your shake. Unfortunately,Fave Food Diet Review/ not all protein powders on the market are the same.Some products will actually contain a lot of sugar, making them the equivalent of having a very sugary drink, albeit with more protein in. This can add many empty calories to your daily intake and make it hard to lose weight if this is your goal. For this reason, read the packaging carefully to ensure that sweeteners

are used instead of sugar.The next thing that you should look for is added fibre in your powder, and some companies producing protein shakes for weight loss will include soluble fibre to help you feel fuller for longer when you take these supplements. Some added natural fibre in a product can really help you reduce the amount you eat on any given day.However, the risk here is that the product you buy will be mostly 'filler', and that the quality

protein in the product will be drastically reduced in order to make way for added fibre. If you prefer, you can purchase many great products without fibre and then add your own when making your shakes.Adding your own fibre can consist of adding fruit and veg to your shakes, or adding fibre such as oat bran. All of these are easily digestible, add some flavour and bulk up your shake so that it is a more satisfying and effective meal replacement.

Lastly, check the ingredients list in your protein shakes for weight loss for ingredients that work to help you meet your goals, including extracts that help increase your metabolism or suppress your appetite. An example of this is green tea extract, which is said to boost metabolism and burn calories.Taken on a regular basis as part of your protein shakes, this extract can help enhance the effects of the effort you are making to lose your excess weight.

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