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Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes - Expert Advice Antworten

they are digested more slowly as compared to other food items.Halki Diabetes Remedy Review/ Some high fiber options one can choose from are: brown rice, sweet potatoes, yams, whole wheat pasta, low sugar bran flakes, peas and leafy green vegetables.This index informs one as to how long your body takes to turn a food item into sugar. High GI foods can spike your blood sugar levels and hence, to be taken limitedly; one should choose low GI foods. Another way one can classify

their food easily is by categorizing them into Fire foods which have high GI, water foods which can be eaten in any amount and coal foods which have a low GI.Fire foods: they are low in protein and fiber; and include white foods such as white rice and pasta, potatoes, white bread and most baked goods. You should also avoid most processed foods and snacks since they are unhealthy and can worsen your condition.Water foods: they can be called free foods

as they do not affect one's blood sugar levels. They are ideal for a diabetes diet as one can eat them in large quantities without worry. These include most vegetables and several fruits. Fruits for diabetic people include apples, grapes, berries, citrusfruits, mangoes and pineapples. However one must limit the intake of fruit juices (with added sugar) and dried fruits.Coal foods: these are very good alternative to fire foods and must be included

in one's diet for diabetes as they are high in fiber and protein. Nuts, seeds, lean meats, seafood, whole grains and beans with brown rice, and whole wheat replacements are ideal.Another equally important pillar for diabetes management is exercise for diabetes. As obesity can worsen your diabetic condition, it should be avoided through regular exercise and following a good diet. Diets for people with diabetes are easier to follow now, by virtue of a large

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