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The bremont kingsman dial is inspired by the car world and is transparent. The unique Arabic numerals and hour markers in this collection are stained yellow and printed on anti-glare sapphire crystal glass. This hand-stitched black crocodile watch features four raised "ribs", reminiscent of the classic racing seat texture, which is the perfect ending to this watch design.

Quartz watch is the abbreviation of quartz electronic clock, also known as quartz clock, which includes quartz watch and quartz clock. The quartz watch is manufactured by the principle that the quartz crystal is driven by electricity to generate regular vibration. It is lighter and more precise than traditional mechanical watches, while avoiding the cumbersome use of mechanical watches in use and popularization.
On December 25, 1969, Japanese companies discovered how to use quartz as a tuning fork and created the world's first quartz watch, revolutionizing human time and social life. The use of quartz crystals allows watches to be produced on a large scale, not only at a much faster production rate than before, but also at a lower price. bremont watches As of 2010, around 500 million watches are produced globally each year, enough for global use.

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