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Wild Things CBD While hemp contains a high content of CBD (cannabidiol), a compound with medicinal properties but not psychoactive. The origin of hemp is Asian and dates back to 2800 BC, since in many parts of this continent it has been used since prehistoric times. The first records of the use of hemp date from the 28th century BC. In China being used as raw material for the manufacture of ropes and clothes. . It has been used as food and medicine since 2800 BC the ancient Chinese relied on hemp seeds and hemp oil as food and medicine. Hemp seeds are rich in fiber; vitamins and minerals Hemp seeds contain high levels of fiber and vitamins A, C and E. They are also rich in minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and calcium with modest levels of iron and zinc. The high level of γ-linolenic acids (omega-3 and omega-6) in hemp seeds "confers a high pharmaceutical value against chronic degenerative diseases". Hemp seed contains a high variety of plant sterols and alcohols that are known to reduce inflammation; a known risk factor in a wide range of diseases We can stand out: • Reduces inflammation • Rich in antioxidants • Combat bad cholesterol • Improves skin conditions • Prevents heart disease • Beneficial in degenerative diseases Hemp oil was once a vital and daily product in the life of the average home. The homes of our ancestors were lit with oil lamps. They used soaps and detergents made with a base of hemp oil to wash and wash their clothes, and the nutritional and preservative qualities of hemp oil represented an ideal treatment for articles made of leather. The oil extracted from hemp can be used for nutritional or industrial purposes without requiring further processing. The versatility of hemp oil made it a highly appreciated product and widely used until the early twentieth century. Cannabidiol is well soluble in cream bases for the care of dry, irritated skin, as well as the treatment of oily skin. CBD is the most valuable active ingredient in Cannabis (Cannabis Sativa L).

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