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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Cast News: Jamie Dornan Jerry Rice Womens Jersey , Katie Cassidy Talk 50 Shades
Posted by FiftyShades on February 20th, 2014

When the topic of discussion is the casting rumours of “Fifty Shades....” you can expect a new twist and turn anytime. First, there was the news that Charlie Hunnam has been cast as Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of the novel trilogy penned by Erica James, and then just as suddenly it had been announced, it was revealed that he had left the project to devote more time to his television show, “Sons of Anarchy”. This news not only left the fans of the franchise and Charlie Hunnam disheartened, but also forced the casting team to look for a suitable substitute.

When talking about the new actor who filled the shoes of Charlie Hunnam, Jamie Dornan, it has to be mentioned that he too is a television actor and has been known for his roles in “The Fall” and “Once Upon a Time”. Initially, the fans of the franchise had a little trouble accepting him as the new Christian Grey, but with a lot of support from his chiselled good looks and Erica James, they have finally warmed up to him. A character like Christian Grey has many women in his life and the latest one among them is the 21 year old Anastasia Steele whom he seduces and makes his submissive partner.

But the submissive partner before her, Leila, to be played by Katie Cassidy, is also a character to watch out for. When addressing the rumours of her being cast as Leila in the adaptation, at the New York Fashion Week, Katie revealed that she is indeed a fan of the novel and has put all rumours to rest by saying that she will indeed be a part of the franchise on the big screen. Her character in the novel is that of Grey’s submissive partner before he meets Ana.

They have a relationship of two and a half years, but she leaves him to be with her husband, who she eventually leaves to be with another boyfriend Geoff, Geoff is incidentally killed in an accident, which drives her to the point of insanity. The role definitely calls for some intense action with Grey and the other men in her life, and for an actor of Katie’s prowess who has been seen in “Taken” and “Gossip Girl”, we are sure it’s just another day at work. It was Erica James, who had broken the news of Katie joining the cast of “Fifty Shades...” and given her proximity to the author, we are sure that she will be the centre of attention once she starts shooting.

With the shooting of Fifty Shades Movie already underway in Vancouver, it is any day now that Katie can join Jamie on set and when the two meet, if the script holds such a possibility, we are sure that sparks will fly. To really see if the sparks fly between Jamie and Dakota, who play Christian and Ana, on reel, we have to wait till 13th February 2015.

The express needs of fishermen have been the target for a dedicated GPS device for a long time. They’re rather common amongst serious fishing enthusiasts. A GPS with fish-finding and chartplotting functions is an extremely advantageous device on suitable bodies of water. These devices entirely make a days fishing more efficient and productive, as well. How can you uncover everywhere the fish are hiding if you don’t have a fish finding device? Might the Humminbird 161 Marine GPS be the key to this problem?

It is calculated expressly for the avid fisherman who uses a boat. You acquire a GPS, a fish finder, plus location charting ability, all in one package. Yes, this is an all-in-one solution that delivers for capable use of space when you want it most. What you’ll find is a 16 channel GPS receiver which has a resolution of 4 nautical miles. An optional upgrade gives you extra advanced features. It is possible to scan a full twenty degrees through the sonar beam fish finder.

The outline intent for the sonar was to achieve a balance between usable definition in addition to maximum pattern coverage. You’ll be able to chart up to 600 feet with a resolution of 2.5 inches. You are able to in addition monitor your jigs as deep as 40 feet by means of the Sonar Echo Enhancement.

16 shades of gray make the four inch, high contrast screen a delight to use in any circumstances. The LCD monitor needless to say was intended for adequate visibility during sunny days. The screen even has a backlight choice to make it effortless to see in darker surroundings. The 8X display zoom is a great advantage when you desire to be sure of the details. Distinguishing fish from their surroundings is a great deal simpler by means of the zoom. Mounting hardware as well as set-up used for the Humminbird 161 consists of a Transom mount plus quick disconnect. The mount tilts in addition to swivels, making it exceptionally suitable. Additional overall flexibility in the mounting design enables you to either use as an in-dash mount or on a gimbal mount.

It ships together with the UniMap database of the United States that gives 750 waypoints for situation. There are even twenty routes with 10 tracks including two thousand points each. You will have a map of US rivers, chosen places in coastal regions as well as inland lakes. Obviously the Humminbird 161 is a water-proof created model by way of full gaskets for maximum protection. You also be given an instruction manual, transducer and the above mentioned mounting bracket.
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