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Maid Service in Hemet CA
Submitted 2019-02-02 08:35:31 What We Leave Soon after We Clean- Explained

Communication is a key part in the achievement of Maid to Shine. It's how we remain colorado-springs #1 residential cleaning service. We work hard to keep the lines available with our customers so that we leave a couple of things behind if we wash a home.


Whenever we do a very first time clean Cheap Paul George Jersey , no matter the sort , we leave behind a checklist. On our checklist we still all came which cleanup we did. There your client should have the ability to see what exactly inside their home was cleaned. This way there isn't any confusion on what should have been washed. We think this is crucial in case we missed anything or if the customer wasn't sure in what was comprised. After you turn the record over you'll notice a little thank you note from our CEO, Crista Burwell, and a few other things that'll welcome you for the Maid to Shine family.

Goodie Bags

We get so excited about adding a new person onto our own cleaning list that we've started leaving goodie bags supporting for first time cleans. Inside you'll discover unscented lotion and chap stick using SPF 15 in it (crucial together with the Colorado sun beating down on you). This is just our little way of saying thanks for choosing Maid to Shine.

Thank You Cards

In the event that you already have your house serviced by people you may have noticed that this brand new detail we leave after every wash. We now have 5 different thank you card designs . Look and decide to make an effort to gather them all! We love leaving these interesting tokens of admiration for our clients.

Review cards

The last little item you've got sitting in your counter is that our review card. This is the way we make improved! It's just our simple method of requesting feedback. With a url and QR code it's simple to receive feedback from customers.

All these are just a few things we like to hand out to show our amazing customers how far we care for them. It's their trust and confidence that's kept Maid to Shine because the very best maid agency at Colorado Springs.

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