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Healthy Minds Are Highly Productive at Work Antworten

Researches show that individual expectation from Memory Hack/a prayer has also to do with its impact on mental health of that person. "For many individuals, God is a major source of comfort and strength that makes the world seems less threatening and dangerous. Through prayer, individuals seek to develop an intimate relationship with God," says researcher Matt Bradshaw, Ph.D.Bradshaw further says, "Those who achieve this goal, and believe that God will be there

to protect and support them during times of need, develop a secure attachment to God." This very feeling of security brings in mental peace and sound mental health. For people who do not have a secure attachment to God, their prayers may not fructify much. But that would be the subject of a different study.If you want to see the importance of prayer vis-a-vis mental health then visit any inpatient mental health treatment center in California

or for that matter any center which is in your vicinity. You will discover how much importance they attach to prayer when it comes to mental health.Prayer is often associated with religion and spirituality. But then these traits are also associated with a sound mental health. This is amply echoed by Harold G. Koenig, a psychiatrist on the faculty of Duke University and a researcher on the subject."A large volume of research shows that people

who are more R/S [religious or spiritual] have better mental health and adapt more quickly to health problems compared to those who are less R/S. These possible benefits to mental health and wellbeing have physiological consequences that impact physical health, affect the risk of disease, and influence response to treatment," says Koenig.Most of the residential mental health treatment programs in California vouch for holistic treatment of mental.

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