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  14. Try to mem of in-

14. Try to mem of in-depth understanding, read a few times, close the book and try to remember: look at where to back, where to back, where to back, where not back. The places that are difficult to back and do not back should be read aloud and read until they are back. This method of understanding, reading, and memorizing the Trinity is much more efficient than mechanical recording over and hree-step memo step is to grasp the thoughts of the article and use the brain to memorize. The second step is to close the eyes. If you can't remember it, you will "sneak a look". The third step is to repeat it quickly and repeaorder to make the recited texts long-lasting, some teachers adopt this method, that is, when they read early, they repeat the content that was backed up in the classroom yesterday. This is the first iteration. The second approval is the third iteration after the end of each unit. This is to repeat the text that has passed the unit Printable Carton Newport Cigarette. The fourth and fifth iterations are mainly based on the review of the mid-term and the end of the period. ? study methterest is the best way to cultivateding is the key to wisdom--the spiritual wealth of thu are the accumulation of your past. Your success is accumulated in your past, so you should pay attention to accumulation and develop a correct mode of thinking Newport Cigarettes With Newyork Stamps. To pay attention to accumulation, we cup mentality: for example: the child's mentality Buy Newports Cheap In The Usa, that is, to maintain a curiosityy to learn is to copy the behavior of others. It��s absolutely important to copy the good habits of good people and the success of celebrities. Although one person is a method, it can also be used for refell, you need to know what to do in a week, and then make a schedule. Fill in the time on the table, such as eating, sleeping, class, entertainment, etc. After scheduling these times, choose the appropriate, fixed time for study, and allow enough time to complete normal reading and homework. Of course, learning should not occupy all the free time on the schedule, and it will always leave some time for rest, hobbies, and entertainment. This is very important for learning. A schedule may not solve all your problems, but it will let you know how to spend your time this week, so you have plenty of time to learfore you seriously study, let's take a quick look at what you want to learn and learn about new knowledge. The general content and structure of the knowledge so that the learning content can be understood and digested in time. Of course, you should pay attention to the details. You can spend less time in less important places. In important places, you can slow down the leartextbook content can understand, you don't have to understand it, you don't have to drill deep, you just need to use the pen to mark different symbols Wholesale Cigatettes. Write down the questions that you have not read, as the focus of the lecture. However, for those small problems that involve the knowledge that has already been learned and that the teac pre-reading before, now I want to change the method, first prepare for class, wait until I taste the sweetness, gain experience, and then improve my level of preparation.e carried out after the homework is completed on the same day. Don't be busy with the daily sting do not pre-learn before class, do not understand the class, and spend a lot of time to fill in the vacancies and homework after class. They are so busy all day that they can't squeeze a little time to prepare. In fact, the root cause of this student difference is not pre-reading. The study consists of four stages: pre-study, class, finishing review, and homework. The lack of previews will affect the smooth operation of the following links. These students must be prepared to eat more in the short term. After completing the daily learning tasks Cartons Of Marlboro Red 100S, schedule a little time to prepare. Although it takes time to do so, the class can be understood, reducing the time wasted because the class is not understood, and at the same time, it can also reduce the time spent on finishing, digesting, and homework after nk in your knowledge, and make up this part of the knowledge before class, so that it does notg which knowledge should put the main energy, strengthen understanding and digestion; where sing the key points and difficulties, and it is convenient to take lectures and questions with questions. Focus on the difficulty. In this way, doubts are easy to understand, very clear. You can not remember or remember less on the book during class, focusing on the parts that are not on the books or that you don't know well, and the key questions thaance benefit a lot from making the most of their time in the classroom, which means less effort after class. In the classroom, you should cooperate with the teacher in a timely manner and take notes carefully to help you remember what the teacher is teaching. It isn listening. If you want to take notes in class, you have to follow the teacher to go to class. Where the teacher is directed, where to explain, where to think and where to hear. Its me to remember. To be able to understand, we must actively think about the problem and quickly understand it; to remember it quickly, on the one hand, the words should be proficienment and thinking. Doing class notes is also subject to some screening. Which part of the textbook is important, which is the time

ylq, 24.01.2019 07:14
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