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 long (No.8) walk awV

China's Li Xiaoxu (No.14) and Zhao Tailong (No.8) walk awVy dejectedly while Iranian players (in white) celebrate after the men's quarterfinal round Group G match during the Incheon Asian Games in Incheon Women's Obi Melifonwu Jersey , South Korea on Sunday. Photo: CFP
Seven-time winners China sensationally exited the Asian Games basketball on Sunday, before the medals battle starts, after being defeated by Iran.

China failed to qualify as one of the top two in their quarterfinal pool after losing 75-67 to gold medal favorites in their final game. China's fate was sealed when Japan beat Mongolia 96-70 in the later Group G game.

The basketball-mad Philippines were also knocked out, despite on -Sunday beating Kazakhstan who claimed a -surprise semifinal slot after South Korea toppled Qatar 65-58 in the final Group H match on Sunday.

The last time China failed to win an Asian Games medal was in 1970 and they have competed in nine consecutive finals since 1978, winning seven of them.

The damage was done on -Saturday when a talented but young and inexperienced- Chinese team -squandered a nine-point half-time lead to be upset by Japan, 79-72.

"We didn't expect that Japan could beat China," Iran's captain Samad -Nikkah Bahrami said after a powerful -display which saw him help his team take the lead, scoring 14 points, seven assists and three rebounds.

"China are a very good team. I'm telling you, I just played against them. They have a lot of good big guys who can shoot the ball very well."

China's head coach Gong Luming was optimistic that his young side would learn from their run to the quarterfinals in the tournament.

"I know that our players have to improve their shooting. National and international competitions are vastly different," he said. "They will become better players for this experience."

China's giant 2.17-meter center Zhou Qi registered game-highs with 17 points and 11 rebounds, but Iran were up 11-9 after five minutes and they never relinquished the lead.

"They lost this competition because they lost Saturday night," Nikkah Bahrami added.

"They knew they were going to have a hard time against us. They shouldn't have taken it easy against Japan, I think."


Bodybuilding is best done in a gym complete with free weights and exercise equipment. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford going to the gym. This includes students, teenagers, and individuals still working out their bills and debt payments. Does this mean that bodybuilding is a luxury only afforded by those with good credit scores?

Thankfully not - there are many ways to build muscle without having to go to a gym. You may not have the benefit of free weights, but your own body weight may be all you'll ever need.

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It's important to do enough repetitions to cause muscle failure (when you can't push yourself up anymore with proper form) to encourage muscle growth. For starters, muscle failure may occur after 6 - 8 repetitions. As you get stronger, you may want to increase resistance by placing your feet up on a box or table while doing this exercise.

Pull ups are a great exercise for the biceps and back muscles. Find a smooth bar sturdy enough to support your weight - this is easy to find in a park playground. Grasp the bar with your palms facing in and slowly pull yourself up, breathing out as you go, until your chin passes the bar's level, then ease yourself down. Make sure you don't bounce when you go down, and keep your feet off the ground. Do as many repetitions as you can until you can't pull yourself up anymore. Rest for a few minutes, and then do another set. 3-4 sets per workout should be enough.

Crunches are still a great exercise for the abdominal muscles. There are two areas of the abs that can be worked out with sit-ups: (1) the upper abs, and (2) the middle and lower abs.

To work out the upper abs, lie down with your back on the ground, your hands at your sides, and your legs bent at 45 degrees with the floor. Slowly lift your head and upper back while keeping your lower back on the ground. Then hold the position, squeeze your abdominal muscles for three seconds, then return to starting position. Repeat until it hurts, then rest for two minutes.

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